To obtain a list of all classes just click on the begin search button. You can then select the alpha range you would like to see. To obtain a list of a specific class, you must put in the first few letters of the class and click on that alpha range on the next screen, i.e. ta will give you all boats that have ta in the Class Name. You can further refine the search by determining the class name from your first search and enter the EXACT class name. For example if you wanted to search for all the boats that are registered in PHRF-LE that are in the Tartan 10 class. You could search for ta and then determine the EXACT class name is Tart. 10 and enter the EXACT name.

To search a range of handicaps enter the min and max. For example, 189 to 198 will reveal all boats in that handicap range. You will need to click through the alpha ranges at the top of the screen to see all the boats.

Class Name:  
Min Handicap:  
Max Handicap: